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Customer Reviews

Mark Paul – 5 Stars This place is awesome. It’s a fully furnished do it yourself auto repair shop. For $20 bucks an hour you get a professional service bay with tools and lift included. Beats the heck out laying on the ground in the driveway. Ronnie is a great guy and if/when you get stuck […]

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Entrepreneurship without a bankroll or a big debt.

We think that Gearhead presents an exciting opportunity for anyone wanting to start their own auto service business. Whether you’re a young guy just out of tech school or an experienced mechanic who’s tired of working for someone else, Gearhead has a program designed for you. If you want to start your own business but […]

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Life is better at Gearhead!

Stop working on cars in your driveway and suffering the consequences! Come to Gearhead and work in a professional environment. Call 401.739.0090 now to learn more, sign up for a free membership, or make an advance reservation. Service bays fill up quickly!

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