Change Your Oil!


A complete do-it-yourself oil change package for $29.95.

This package was set up for the perfectionist who wants to take charge of their car maintenance.

If you are simply tired of the “quick lube’ way of doing business, this package is for you! You understand what we are saying about the process. They offer you an oil change by a non-mechanic employee or limited-experience technician to start you at $19.95 and upsell you to get that figure up anyway possible.

Then there is the dealer or repair shop “loss leader” method. They offer you Lube/Oil/Filter at a low price to get you in the door. Soon to follow is the service writer like the doctor about to give you some bad news. They make you feel as if your car is about to fall apart if you don’t have the so-called “recommended services” done ASAP. You leave the shop with two things you did not plan on that day, an astronomical repair bill and a bad taste in your mouth that makes you feel like you were taken for a ride.

Gearhead Systems International offers the best approach and solution!

Our Do-It-Yourself oil change package gives you all this:

Up to 5 quarts of premium motor oil (extra charge for synthetic or super-premium and for additional quarts)

A quality Fram or equivalent oil filter (extra charge for some cars & trucks that require a special filter)

Your own lift for a half-hour to inspect, lubricate and service your car as needed.
Access to all the Gearhead facilities.

So, instead of a fast, careless, get-you-out-the-door rush job or up-sell scam, you are able to be in command of your vehicle the entire time and can give it the attention it deserves.  For safety and convenience, one of our staff will drive your car on to the lift and drive it to the door when you are finished. Take your time, rotate your tires if you want, check out your brakes, suspension, etc. If YOU determine that additional maintenance is needed, you can book more time and take advantage of our discount parts ordering system. If you need advice, ask one of the pit-crew guys.

If you prefer to bring your own oil or filter, the price will be adjusted, no problem. After a job well done, you can wash your hands and drive away, or relax in the comfortable technician’s lounge area with TV and snacks.

We are confident that you will find this to be a great value at $29.95 with oil and filter included or $15.95 if you provide your own. Do the math: For not much more than the price of the parts and supplies, you can do your best work in a modern facility instead of lying on your back and spilling oil on your driveway, and we will safely and legally dispose of the used oil – one more problem solved!

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