Customer Reviews

Mark Paul – 5 Stars

This place is awesome. It’s a fully furnished do it yourself auto repair shop. For $20 bucks an hour you get a professional service bay with tools and lift included. Beats the heck out laying on the ground in the driveway. Ronnie is a great guy and if/when you get stuck he jumps right in and lends a hand. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who would like to save themselves some money on auto repairs but lacks access to their own lift or the right tools.

Steven Trafford – 5 Stars

I spent a couple hours today fixing my 2005 Ford F150 at GSI. I had to replace the front brakes and rotor assembly. I was given an estimate to fix it at a local shop for $950.00 but after picking up the parts for myself I saved about $500.00 doing it myself at GSI. The shop is top of the line and clean as a whistle. Cheryl helped me with free membership and was a delight to talk to. This is not a place where you just come and use the lift and tools. Ron who is very knowledgeable helped me when I got stuck with putting those break pads on and not only that he is a real great guy. I found the experience very satisfying and plan to be a frequent customer. So if you are a DIYer, I highly recommend Gearhead Systems International as your new headquarters for all your repairs. Give it a try, I guarantee you will be glad you did.

Mike Morelli – 5 Stars

This place is great! Had a helping hand everytime I ran into a few snags with replacement of my wife’s E30 suspension. We got all the work done and the cars feeling great. Great people and great facilities! Couldn’t ask for a better setup so close to home.

Josh Emseesee – 5 Stars

Wow, what a great resource! I couldn’t be happier with my experience at GSI. I was able to diagnose my issue, remove, then install new parts in record time because of the great support at Gearhead.  Ron got me set-up quickly and the money I saved by doing this myself is unreal.  Come by and check out the shop, tools, lifts, computer diag equipment, and just about everything else you need to fix your own car.  I plan on doing my upgrades here and my friend will be contacting them to help on finishing a project car.

5 stars all the way!

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