Entrepreneurship without a bankroll or a big debt.


We think that Gearhead presents an exciting opportunity for anyone wanting to start their own auto service business. Whether you’re a young guy just out of tech school or an experienced mechanic who’s tired of working for someone else, Gearhead has a program designed for you.

If you want to start your own business but don’t have the working capital, good credit, a shop and tools, or can’t take a big risk because of family or personal matters, Gearhead makes it still possible to achieve your goals.

You don’t need to have a lot of capital or carry a big debt burden. You won’t need to buy expensive tools or equipment or even sign a lease. Gearhead will rent you a fully-equipped service bay in our modern facility, with all the tools you will need to fix cars and make money.

You can jump in full-time without any long-term commitment, or start out part-time while you hold down your regular job. You can even split the cost with up to 2 partners (half-day minimum). A service bay with lift, tools and Snap On diagnostic equipment is $150 a day (8 hours). You can cover that before your coffee break!

Choose the days you want to work – Gearhead is open every day. You will have access to equipment like tire-changers and A/C machines without shelling out thousands. You get internet access and terminal right in your bay. You can have parts delivered to you at discount prices, and you don’t have to settle up until the end of the day, after your customer pays you.

With your skill and the Gearhead facilities, you can “make money with our money”. There is no credit check and no hidden costs. If you want to rent a bay full-time, we do ask that you pay the first month’s rent up front. That’s it!

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