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Are you a professional auto technician with a secure job who wants a place to do side jobs and make extra money on your days off? An entrepreneur who wants to start an independent auto repair business without the expense and complication of setting up your own shop?


Gearhead is a bold new concept: a bright, clean multi-bay auto service facility, fully equipped with professional tools, lifts, air compressors, parts washers, diagnostic terminals and more, where pros and enthusiasts can rent a service bay by the hour, day, or week. A great idea whose time has come!





If you’re tired of working on cars in your driveway in all weather, listening to complaints from your wife and neighbors, now there’s a place where you can do the job right! Keep your house clean, keep your wife happy and keep your business dealings separate from your home life.


Built by mechanics for mechanics. With over 25 years experience working on all kinds of vehicles under the best and worst of conditions, Gearhead knows what you need to do the job right. We have everything you need to do your best work safely, quickly and comfortably in a real shop.

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Gearhead Systems membership includes use of our Snap On Verus Pro diagnostics system. Wireless access, software downloads and numerous other state-of-the-art features make this top-of-the-line setup comparable to some of the most sophisticated dealer systems. 



You can "make money with our money"! Rent a bay and have the parts you need delivered at discount prices on our account. You don't pay us until the end of the day, after your customer pays you. Special items like engines or transmissions can be shipped to Gearhead directly.


On top of everything else, think of the cost and hassle you can avoid here when it comes to things like disposal of waste oil and fluids, haz-mat permits, compressor certificates and so many things that would dog you if you tried setting up a shop on your own.



Gearhead Systems is not only pioneering this concept, we intend to dominate the field by going above and beyond your expectations. We are the cutting edge, setting the bar high and the standards even higher.

Snap-On and other professional tools
Specialty tools loaned (without you running around town)
New heavy-duty lifts
Machine shop service and towing service
Air compressors and air tools
Chassis jacks
Engine hoists
Parts cleaners
State-of-the-Art diagnostics with Snap-On Verus Pro and ShopKey
Software downloads (billed separately) without going to the dealer
Computer and TV in your bay
Discount prices on parts, delivered here for you
Welding machine/torch (extra charge)
Tire mounting machine
Wash and reconditioning area
Storage space for longer-term projects/restorations
Oil and fluids at bulk pricing
Safe, legal disposal of waste fluids, tires (extra charge), batteries,etc.
Mechanics lounge with TV and snacks
Seminars, car shows and special events